[Book] Project Wellspring: Summer School for Adult Children

Project Wellspring: Summer School for Adult Children

Summer remedial classes have always been there for boys and girls who flunked their last year of high school. But for David, Vanessa, and Victor, summer school is not just a place to make up for lost grades, but a full regression to elementary schoolchildren, by force if necessary. Underachieving children need structure, and Project Wellspring provides it in spades. The courses are given in grade school settings. The students must adhere to a dress code, etiquette, and school rules. The teachers are kind, but not hesistant to mete out punishment. With love, guidance, and caring discipline, the two-month program aims to shape delinquents into college-ready young men and women. Will it work for our three wayward youths?

Introduction caption:

This is my second book, a little fantasy I thought of when I was still in high school. Kind of regret not finishing it earlier in the summer, but oh well. It’s a bit more subtle and less graphic than the first one.

The boy in the cover is me, painted over. :D

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