[Book] Diapered by a Ghost: The Haunted Punishment of Chloe and Astin

New short story I wrote for Halloween! 🎃 Please support me by buying it! 👻

Diapered by a Ghost is about two siblings, Astin and Chloe, who sneak into an old abandoned house and find themselves in the clutches of a mysterious, ghostly disciplinarian.

Helplessly trapped, they undergo a series of embarrassing punishments at the hands of the invisible entity. And much to their surprise, escaping the haunted house does not mean the end of their diaper discipline.

Diapered by a Ghost

Themes: Spanking, Caning, Discipline, Diapers, Femdom, Punishments for male and female subs.

[Book] Mommy Michelle’s Diaper Discipline Store

New book is done!

Mommy Michelle’s Diaper Discipline Store is about Rory, a cute effeminate boy who works at a diaper discipline store, and all the customers he meets. Each chapter is about a different customer (male & female), the kinky devices they buy, and how/why they are diapered. It’s also about Rory’s growing relationship with Mommy Michelle, the storeowner, and how she transforms his life.

Mommy Michelle's Diaper Discipline Store

Themes: Diapers, Discipline, Chastity, Spanking, Femdom, Sissy. Strict punishments for male and female subs.

No text version of the cover :3

Mommy Michelle's Diaper Discipline Store

Disciplining a Rich, Spoiled Man

Upon arriving at the mansion, Miss Rodwell immediately ordered the maids to undress Stuart, and restrain him over the table. Hired by his wife using his money, the disciplinarian specialized in dealing with rich, spoiled husbands.

The first task was always to demonstrate to the male the consequences of any disobedience from this moment on.

With paddle in one hand, and Stuart’s underwear in the other, Miss Rodwell set about beating his bottom raw in front of the maids. Stuart wailed with every swat, crying and pleading for her to stop.

In between swings, his disciplinarian calmly stated that she would be living in the mansion from now on, and promised that this was only the first of many punishments to come.