Mommy Michelle’s Diaper Discipline Store: Bonus Chapter

(This is an extra chapter I wrote for Mommy Michelle’s Diaper Discipline Store. It is included in the Amazon store version.)

The Bully (M)

MAY 05 — Rory had barely turned on the store’s lights when a hard knock came from the reinforced door. He glanced at the clock. 9:30 AM sharp. The customer must be extra eager to buy diapers. He opened the door manually, not bothering to walk back to the button under the counter.

It took a few seconds for him to recognize the mortified boy, who stood at the store’s entrance in nothing but a little white T-shirt, and his white triangular briefs. His dark brown hair was a mess, and his eyes were red, indicating that he had just woken up. A white harness had been fastened over his upper chest, which Rory instantly recognized as an item from the store. It was the expensive one, with two loops behind the back to restrain the arms, which were being used right now.

Next to the boy was a lanky blonde woman, dressed immaculately in white, her long wavy hair cascading down her shoulders. With the harness leash in one hand, she displayed a superior smile, signally that she was in total control.

“Oh! Good morning, Mrs. K.” Rory folded his hands behind his back politely, making no attempt to his hide own diaper, which he was now very much used to. “And good morning to you too, Mikey.” The boy nearly snarled at him. It was clearly not a good morning for him. Rory let them into the store.

Mikey was the boy from three houses down the street. He was a memorable character, not just because of his meanness, but specifically because he took every opportunity to mock Joey and Rory whenever they passed by his house, such as on their way to Little Angels Daycare. Potty pants, potty pants. He did the same to any poor boy he saw, especially if their shame was noticeable through a puffy backside, or under a short dress. Despite the sting of his insults, Rory always felt sympathy for Mikey, as one look at his house revealed that he came from a difficult background. The lawn was never mowed, with bits of tacky plastic furniture peeking out over the long uncut grass. A broken down old car was permanently parked in the driveway, and eyesore in the otherwise idyllic neighborhood.

Mikey’s father was a man named Adam, whom none of the neighbors knew well, and was only seen when he came out to smoke on the porch, staring at passerbys with his beer belly hanging out of his dirty nightshirt.

“It’s Mikey’s eighteen birthday.” Mrs. K. announced, in her accented English. Judging by her grin, and Mikey’s expression, Rory understood clearly what she had in mind.

Mrs. K. was new to the neighborhood. Nobody really knew how Mikey’s father managed to attract such a woman from abroad, though it’s assumed that money was involved. Her last name was too difficult for most residents of the neighborhood, and so Rory simply greeted her as Missus K., just as everyone did. The mysterious foreigner wasted no time in changing her new household. Months ago, she was a frequent customer, well-known to both Rory and Michelle.

Within a week of her arrival, Mrs. K. had transformed the unkempt yard into an orderly little garden, replacing the defunct old car with a sensible family sedan. Soon, a clothesline went up between two wooden poles, and the colorful, adult-sized diapers she had bought were hung up to dry in the front yard. Good for her, and good for him, Rory remembered Michelle saying, and him agreeing with that assessment. Strict diaper discipline was perfect for Mikey’s deadbeat dad. Rumor was that Adam had expected something totally different from his new wife, which only made his treatment even funnier to observers.

“I see you’re using the training harness from our store,” Rory smiled gently, pointing to Mikey’s restraints.

“Hm. Yes. He is borrowing item from his father. I’ve come to buy items for him as well.” Mrs. K. looked around the store, well familiar with the locations of each category of merchandise.

“N-NO!” Mikey shouted, tugging away from the leash towards the door. “I don’t want to be like dad! I don’t want to be like… like him!” He glared at Rory’s white diaper. It was a plain diaper cover, with barely visible buttons on the sides, and from a distance looked like regular underwear for boys, only thicker. Michelle had just changed him into them after breakfast, so they were still warm and dry, with one heavily padded layer underneath. Ever since his mother left him with Michelle, Rory was not allowed pants or underwear indoors, and was permanently diapered, just like Michelle’s husband. Unlike Joey, however, he was allowed thinner, more sober diapers, which strangely felt more authentically infantilizing than Joey’s extra puffy, bright pink diapers.

Rory said nothing as he watched the neighborhood bully being pulled towards the aisle of spanking implements. Mikey shouted back at the counter, his face burning with shame. “Rory! Rory?! We’re friends, right? Right? Tell her I don’t need this! Please!” His stepmother ignored these pleas, and signaled that they will need some time to browse the items. Rory only smiled and nodded at the panicked bully. Then he returned to the counter, turning around just to see Mikey’s pink bottom disappear behind the shelves.

He had seen this before, usually with boys. On the morning of their eighteenth birthday, they wake up to their second childhood. Mikey’s new mother must have been waiting for him the moment he climbed out of bed. Before the little bully could even put on his clothes, she must have put him over her lap, and delivered his birthday spanking right there on his bedside. This fact filled Rory with delight, for it was exactly what Mikey deserved.

SMACK. “EeeEeEEeeEEEEEE!!” A high screech came from the implements aisle. This was followed by Mrs. K. saying something that Rory was too far away to make out. Taking the mouse in his right hand, Rory brought up the surveillance camera feed on the counter’s computer screen.

Mikey was trying to flee from his stepmother, who had him firmly held by the harness leash. His arms were locked in two cuffs linked the back of the harness, while his white underwear had been lowered down his thighs. “OwwwWwWwwWW!!” He wailed, as Mrs. K. landed a hard underhand swat to his exposed backside with a wooden paddle from the shelves. She tested the paddle two more times, before putting it back, and reaching for a larger paddle.

Rory chuckled behind the monitor, just as Michelle came down the stairs with her morning coffee. “Oh? Is that… Michael from the down the street?” She squinted at the monitor, while casually running a hand between Rory’s legs to check him for wetness. Rory nodded and giggled, barely noticing her touch. “Oh, right.” Michelle sipped from her cup. “His stepmommy said something about his eighteenth birthday last time she was here. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer boy.” Rory nodded again in agreement. Mrs. K. now held a flexible cane shaped like a loop, which she seemed to be enjoying. Seeing Mikey jump and dance on the screen, Rory almost felt sorry for him as he watched line after red line added to his already spanked bottom.

SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. Four hard consecutive swats from a metal paddle produced a long, pitiful wail from the aisle, and they watched as Mikey ran in circles around his stepmother, who still managed to home in on his prancing buttocks every time.

“WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” Mikey howled, his crying face visible even through the low resolution camera feed. Without the protection of his hands, he raised his knee high before each anticipated swat, the same way Joey did when he was spanked upright. Rory could tell that the little bully had “lost it”, which was that special moment during spankings when all reason, pride, and even shame went out the window, leaving nothing but the primitive urgency to escape the pain. Failing that, the only option was pointless struggling and unreserved bawling.

“Hm. She’s quite good at this, isn’t she?” Michelle said, admiringly. “I heard Adam had his bottom smacked several times a day when she first came to live with him. Like father, like son, right?” Rory nodded again, as he watched Mrs. K. test out a long cane on her distraught stepson. “You should be thankful I don’t punish you like that, angel face.” Michelle leaned over, and gave him an affectionate little kiss on the cheek. Rory pouted at her. The custom 3D-printed paddle that hung near his bed was more than enough to make him cry, and he had “lost it” every time Michelle put him over her lap, though it was not often she did so.

Mrs. K. emerged from the shelves, holding an armful of scary spanking tools. Her stepson was a mess of tears, being pulled along by his leash. Dumping the paddles, straps and canes on the counter, Mrs. K. freed her arms, allowing Mikey to turn around and face her. The boy fell naturally into her arms, crying softly against her breasts.

“Awww…” Michelle cooed, hugging Rory sympathetically from behind. “Not a bully anymore, is he?”

“There will be zero bullying from now on,” Mikey’s stepmother announced, while cradling her son’s head in her arms. Leaning against his mother, Mikey’s cute round buttocks stuck out in the center of the store like two bright red orbs, giving Rory a perfect view of the aftermath. His white briefs remained rolled down on his thighs, but he was clearly beyond shame at this point, and felt only gratitude that it was over, and that he was allowed comfort in his mother’s arms. He looks so helpless. Rory remarked silently, just as Mikey turned slightly to peek at him with one sad, tear-stained eye, like a shy boy hiding behind his mother’s skirt. Not like a bully at all.

“This is only the beginning,” Mrs. K. announced. “Mikey will also attend remedial classes at nearby elementary school. He failed two classes this year. Can’t graduate.” Rory pictured the former bully coming out of the weekend class for adults in the neighboring school.

“I want him diaper trained. Outside and inside. Even tougher than his father.” This proclamation triggered a loud whimper from Mikey, who buried his blushing face deeper against his stepmother’s body.

“Awww.” Michelle smiled broadly at the shy, submissive boy Mikey had become. “Now, Michael. These days, It’s very normal for Mommies to diaper train their boys when they turn eighteen. It’s a good time to fix any bad behaviors that built up over the years, right?” As if feeling tremendous guilt, Mikey blushed deeper, and nodded a little against his mother’s chest. Michelle continued. “Besides, in this neighborhood, almost every boy your age has worn something from this store. Did you know that? You’re probably the last boy on the block to experience diaper discipline.” Another soft whimper from Mikey.

“Here, let me show you. Rory’s wet, so come with me to the changing table in the back.”

Rory blushed at this revelation. It had been months since he became fully diaper trained, so much so that he something didn’t notice his own wetness anymore. Michelle took him by the hand, and led the whole group to the back.

The restraining loops were not used on Rory as he laid down, and spread his legs for the viewers. Aside from Joey, Michelle rarely changed him in front of other people, but he knew better than to protest. Rory looked away, embarrassed as his diaper cover was unbuttoned, his wet padding removed, and his little chastity device revealed.

“Oh yes. I will buy one of those as well.” Mrs. K. said calmly, observing Rory’s locked, shrivelled genitals. Her stepson squirmed uneasily on the spot.

“Of course. Younger males benefit most from orgasm control. Isn’t that right, Rory?” Michelle teased as she wiped a droplet of cum off the tip of Rory’s cock cage. Rory nodded quietly, cringing in shame. She mercifully covered his shame in white powder, then brought out a fresh pad from under the table. Her quick hands tucked the pad under him, then sealed his infant white diaper cover back up with ease, having done this countless times. Rory sat up, feeling like a helpless newborn, and exchanged humiliated looks with Mikey.

“See how it works, Michael?” Michelle patted the boy’s head. “It’s just like when you were a baby.” Mikey looked unconvinced. “Well, almost like when you were a baby.” Michelle grinned evilly. “Since your Mommy wants something a little tougher, I’ll find you something different while you lay down on the table, okay?” Mikey only nodded fearfully, all resistance having left his mind long ago. He climbed slowly onto the table, and did not squirm as Rory gently placed his hands on his shoulders.

Even before Michelle returned, they could hear the crinkling coming from the aisles. Rory had a good idea of what she was bringing, and only felt pity for the poor boy he was now holding down. Pale and naked from the waist down, Mikey was utterly vulnerable, the first day of his adulthood put on hold by his strict disciplinarian.

Surprisingly, Mikey did not squirm much as the little white chastity cage was shown to him. Perhaps he had given up resisting, or perhaps he was still reeling from the spanking, and figured that anything would be better than a repeat performance. Rory let go, while Michelle easily slipped Mikey’s flaccid genitals into the cage.

However, when the big diaper was brought over the table, fear filled Mikey’s eyes, and he wiggled pitifully. It was from the TotalBaby line of disciplinary diapers, designed for extra public shaming, which not a lot of customers bought, to be honest.

“N… no… please… please…” Mikey twisted away from the object, prompting Rory to hold him down again. “Please don’t make me…” A sad whimper escaped his lips as his stepmother put his ankles in the bed’s restraining loops. His eyes grew big as the little cartoon animals on the neon yellow diaper danced above his head, crinkling loudly with every little movement. As Michelle opened the diaper, he could see that the inside was soft and heavily padded. Nevertheless, Michelle held up three thick, ruffled pads, and began stuffing them into the pocket that lined the groin of the diaper.

“We call these exposure diapers,” Michelle explained, tucking the heavy padding under Mikey’s bruised bottom. “You find them used a lot in nursing homes, on older stubborn males. But they’re also excellent for treating boys like Michael.”

Rory could see tears forming in Mikey’s eyes, as the realization that he would have to wear something so embarrassing for the foreseeable future. Michelle ignored the boy’s reaction.

“They work on five principles. Visibility, noise, bulge, waddle, and lock. Altogether, these design qualities will make sure that Michael cannot cannot keep his diaper hidden or secret from others, no matter what he does.” Mikey began to cry, just as Michelle pulled the gold chain tight through the top of the diaper, sealing the diaper around his waist with a tamper-proof magnetic lock. Then she grinned, and handed Mrs. K. the key to her son’s diaper.

Rory helped Mikey to his feet, and handed the reins of his harness to his stepmother. As they made their way back to the counter, he observed the five principles in action. Mikey’s diaper was highly visible, neon yellow with colorful little animals. The plastic surface made a ton of noise with every little movement. The thick padding made it bulge in the front and back. The wide groin cover forced him to waddle. And it couldn’t be taken off without the key to the lock.

The bully had been tamed. Mikey’s wet eyes looked fearfully at the door as they bagged the merchandise for his prolonged punishment. He opened his mouth to make one final protest, and was silenced by a large pacifier. “That’s a free present for you, birthday boy.” Michelle smiled at Mikey’s discomfort as the pacifier’s rubber nipple filled his cheeks.

“Thank you Michelle. Thank you Rory. I’ll be back to buy more in a few days.” Mrs. K. looked down at Mikey, again with that superior smile of absolute authority. “He will never tease another boy for wearing diaper again. Right?” Mikey nodded rigorously. Rory smiled back at them both, satisfied that justice was done this day.

As the former bully waddled shamefully towards the door with his mother, Michelle gave them a friendly wave goodbye.

“Have fun being a little boy again, Michael! Feel free to come by for a playdate anytime!”

Mikey turned around one last time to give them a sad, regretful look. Then he was taken outside, to start his childhood again as the neighborhood’s sorriest little baby.

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