Akumi Alice is a self-trained sissy who has lives in the world of crossdressing and infantilism. I first started out writing captions and photoshopping stuff on imagefap (and I still do), before being encouraged by fans to write commercially.

My four imagefap accounts are Akumi Alice for males (formerly pinksilk), Akumi Alice 2 for females (formerly whitesilk), SissyMaterials, and serissa.

I am a poor young man trying to make a few extra bucks selling eBooks and stuff. Please donate to my PayPal if you like my particular brand of disciplinary kink!


I don’t always remember where I get my pics from, so if I caption a pic of you and you don’t want it shown, email me to take it down!

Akumi Alice can be contacted at akumi.alice [at] gmail [dot] com.

You can also find me on: