Danny’s New Underwear

Danny couldn’t believe how well they fit. Mom had bought him the colorful ones, the ones for babies. It was these, or the really poofy medical ones that everyone at school would surely notice. He twirled around, sensing an erection coming on.

All this because a few pairs of stained underwear. But he knew better than to argue with mom.

“Let me see.” Mother entered his room without knocking. Danny blushed, covering his shame with his hands. There was a wry smile on her lips.

“Hmph. Just like when you were little, remember?”

“Not really…” Danny shook his head, concealing his arousal under his palms. He was too young to remember.

“Well, mommy does.” She ran her fingers through his hair. “And this isn’t about the pee marks on your undies.” Danny looked at once embarrassed and confused. “This is about making sure you stay my little boy forever.”