Store Catalogue for Diaper Disciplining Boys

This is a page from an unnamed Diaper Discipline Store’s winter catalog! They have all the latest diapers and contraptions to keep big boys secured and babied. Click to enlarge!

It’s not real, of course. But it’s interesting to think of a world where diaper discipline is common for naughty adults. đŸ˜†

Update: Girls version here!

[Book] The Polar Resort: An Extraordinary Story of Christmas Age Regression

New Christmas book is done! This is the longest one I’ve done to date. It’s written in the second person to put you in the story, and takes a few hours to read.

The Polar Resort: An Extraordinary Story of Christmas Age Regression

Themes: Spanking, Diapers, Regression, Femdom with male and female subjects.

Introduction: You are the lucky winner of an all-expenses paid trip to the mysterious new Polar Resort, a high tech facility in the arctic. Designed as a tourist attraction, the resort intends to attract children from all around the world during Christmas. As an experimental adult participant, your task is to evaluate the Polar Resort through the eyes of a regressed boy, and provide feedback.

Under the watchful eyes of your assigned mother, you explore the Polar Resort, participate in a wide variety of holiday activities, and interact with other regressed boys and girls. Whatever secrets you uncover, one thing is for certain — Your time at the resort would be a Christmas experience unlike you had ever known before.

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