[Book] The Life of Seedlings: From Savage to Sissy

This book is a little more experimental, a shift from most of the sissy erotica on Amazon. It’s got a bit of a sci-fi theme, which I like. You can read a short preview excerpt here and here.

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The Life of Seedlings: From Savage to Sissy

Themes: Femboy, Sissy, Crossdressing, BDSM, Femdom, Spanking, Sex (FM and MM), and a little diaper discipline.

Introduction: Follow the lives of two males as they’re taken to a world they never knew existed, a world where society is radically different from ours, and filled with new wonders and pleasures.

Raised on a dangerous jungle island, Simmias and Akanda must adapt to a new home, and a totally alien way of life. Above all, they must serve and submit to their new mistresses, and learn to act like proper, well-behaved males. Clever and kind, Simmias seeks to discover the truth about their existence, and devastating history of how they came to be. Haughty yet innocent, Akanda’s unusual traits destine him for something no other male is suited for. Encouraged by both punishment and reward, the males transcend their primitive past, and learn to fulfill their purpose in a woman’s world.

Excerpt from The Life of Seedlings

Another preview from my latest book. A bit of sissy on sissy fun:

Simmias moaned as their cocks rubbed together in rhythm, powered by the eager, synchronized thrusting of their hips. Akanda gripped onto his lover’s shoulders tightly, biting his lips and displaying on his face an adorable mix of embarrassment and pleasure.

“Looks like I’m not the only one who’d do well in the pleasure hut.” Simmias teased, and grinned at his partner’s reaction. It was hard to feign anger when such intimacy had overwhelmed them both with lust.

Their cocks twitched as the grinding grew more intense, aided by beads of slippery cum that ran down their throbbing shafts. Simmias felt his partner twitch, in that unmistakable way he had seen hundreds of times before. Akanda moaned loudly as he squirted strands of hot cum on his friend’s flat tummy, holding onto Simmias like he was the dearest thing in the world. Simmias returned the embrace, clutching Akanda as his body tensed, and ejaculated against his lover’s pale purple belly. They gasped in each other’s arms, kissing one another on the neck, lips, and anywhere they could manage. For several minutes, they held that position, breathing deeply and enjoying the shared warmth and satisfaction.
As their arousal died down, their eyelids grew heavy, but neither wished to end their newfound closeness. So, facing one another, they remained in cuddling distance, and exchanged several tender kisses with closed eyes.

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