2017 Goodnites Designs are Super Cute!

The people who make Goodnites training pants come out with a new set of designs every year. And this year is by far the cutest ever!

If you look at some of the older designs, they tend to be more subdued and less colorful, probably to make kids feel like they’re wearing real underwear and aren’t wetting the bed. But this year, the most sober design (with Ariel) is actually for their youngest age group, while the other two bigger ones are for older girls. Is it possible diaper companies are lowkey catering to adult fetishists? See for yourself.

Not that I’m complaining, mind you…

Fantasy Punishment Diapers

Some people look at the person, I tend to look at the diaper. I just love faking fantasy diaper products in Photoshop. It’s like an object fetish in the strictest sense of the word. These are modified from packages of Meijers diapers. It’s my hope that one day, products like this will really exist!

Also, I will be writing a Christmas book this year. The summer book was put on hold because I can’t quite the get plot down. It will still be done eventually though!

The pics are transparent .pngs, so go ahead and use them for your own kinky captions!