Sent to Chastity Prison

Sardax is one of the internet’s most established and venerable femdom artists, and I hope she doesn’t object to me captioning a few of her pics.

I personally love the idea of chastity cages in prisons, where boys are most likely to masturbate out of boredom. It could be used on males who commit crimes like adultery, or rape, or indecent exposure. Instead of say, solitary confinement, why not solitary confinement for his penis? It doesn’t hurt him, it’s not as psychologically cruel (well, maybe a little), but he’ll definitely miss his cock and think twice before doing what he did again!

Caning in Adult School

If you read my last book or follow me on imagefap, you know I have a thing with the whole idea of adults being sent back to school against their (our) will. It just seems to deliciously humiliating :) Here’s a scenario I imagined for adult boys in a reform academy.

Also learning how to draw. Preliminary results currently too awful to post.