Delilah’s New Governess

“During weekdays, I’m a schoolteacher.” The strict woman declared, just before her palm impacted Delilah’s warm flesh. “But on the weekends, I’m a governess for hire.”

Delilah whimpered. Each stinging slap brought her closer to tears.

“You may think yourself too old for such humiliations,” the woman paused, pulling her insolent new student closer into her lap. “But in my experience, married women can be the most spoiled girls of all.” She began peppering Delilah’s glowing bottom with a barrage of palms, causing a most sorrowful whine from the young woman.

“Good. Cry.” She continued the storm of blows on Delilah’s quivering cheeks. “Because judging by your attitude, you’ll need to shed a lot more tears before you become a proper young lady.”

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