Christmas Spankings for Adult Twins

December 25th, 1995…

On this Christmas morn, Stephen and his twin sister Stephanie stood quietly against the wall, anticipating the same ritual they had experienced since childhood. Christmas was normally a day of joy, except for a brief moment in the morning when Mrs. Keller made her children write down the bad things they had done throughout the year, followed by an earnest promise to do better next year. Once this chore was completed, they were free to open their presents.

But as Mrs. Keller sat down on the wooden chair stool, her demeanor indicated that this year’s ritual would be something quite different.

Stephanie stared in disbelief as her mother called her over to her lap with one curling finger. “You’re both eighteen now,” Mrs. Keller proclaimed. “That means more serious consequences for naughtiness.” The girl trembled before her parent as her jeans were pulled down, and her panties lowered to her knees. “Name everything you did wrong this year, missy.” Mrs. Keller looked at her sternly, ready to correct any lies or omissions. Stephanie whimpered, and listed her crimes in a soft voice, her face burning as she pictured the sight of her naked bottom, presented to her brother.

SMACK-SMACK-SMACK. Mother’s palm stung like a bee, landing on her naked bottom with an unbroken, steady pace. Stephanie squealed, trying her best not to cry as each swing became more unbearable than the last. Her legs jerked and kicked, and she felt her self-control slipping from her with every spank. “Not going to fall behind at college next year, young lady?” Mrs. Keller’s strong, commanding voice boomed over the sound of her daughter’s humiliating punishment. Stephanie let out a long, childish wail, and kicked frantically as her mother delivered sixty smacks to her wriggling backside.

She sobbed quietly over Mommy’s lap, her hair dangling over the carpet as she blubbered apologies and promises to amend her behavior. Mrs. Keller stood her daughter up, giving the poor girl a stern look while she pulled her panties over her freshly roasted bottom.

Stephen showed his mother his sorriest look as he approached for his turn. His heart raced at what he had just witnessed, in no small part because he knew that his sister was an angel compared to him. The white briefs came into view, and he shrank a little as those were peeled down to expose his rear. “What did you do wrong this year, young man?” Mrs. Keller glared at her puckish, immature son. Stephen muttered a list of crimes, trying his best to be comprehensive. His mother nodded after each one, then added several more transgressions to his list, recalling them the way only a mother can. They were much more numerous than his sister’s.

SLAP-SLAP-SLAP-SLAP. Stephen cringed under his mother’s iron hand, trying and failing to maintain his adult composure. Until now, mother had never spanked him before, but he was certain that she was spanking him harder than she spanked Stephanie. He sobbed, reaching back to protect his besieged posterior, only to have his hand intercepted, and pinned against the small of his back.

The punishment stopped, and for a brief second Stephen thought the ordeal was over. Instead, Mrs. Keller reached for a long object on the cabinet, and immediately resumed the procedure with her hairbrush.

“Owww!! MOMMY PLEASE! NO!!!” The boy howled, his legs flailing helplessly in the air as the wooden implement blistered his sorry behind. Snot mixed with tears in a series of pitiful cries for mercy, none of which Mrs. Keller gave any attention. “Naughtier deeds mean harder punishments, young man.” She declared, gripping her struggling son tightly, never letting up on her swings. WHAP. WHAP. WHAP. WHAP.

“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Stephen screamed, writhing in vain as his mother laid over a hundred swats into his quivering buttcheeks. He kicked and rocked on her knees, crying hysterically, his mind completely blanked by the inescapable blows landing repeatedly on his buns. Finally, her brush fell silent, leaving Stephen’s sobbing to fill the silence. Mrs. Keller gave the boy’s a final pat on his naked rear, noting with secret amusement how much her freshly disciplined son resembled a little boy. Stephen gave his mother a look of childike fear and respect, before pulling up his briefs and scampering off to join his sister against the wall.

Mrs. Keller stood up, and loomed over the blushing twins, now standing side-to-side, sniffling and rubbing their sore bottoms. “From now on, this will be our annual Christmas tradition. If you two don’t want to be spanked, then you’ll learn to behave and stay out of trouble year-round. Sound fair?”

Two heads nodded meekly, looking up at the strict parent with reddened eyes.

“Yes, Mommy.”

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