[Book] Diaper Camp for Naughty Adults

New book! This was supposed to come out during the summer, but I got lazy ._.

Diaper Camp for Naughty Adults is about ten adult children sent to spend two months at Camp Moonraven, an experimental summer camp built on an island and run by a mysterious scientist. Strict camp rules are enforced through diaper discipline and corporal punishments, and age regression is upheld by volunteers, often relatives of campers who’ve come to watch over them, and to see diaper training in action with their own eyes.

Each chapter focuses on one boy or girl’s day, both fun days and disciplinary days! Please leave a nice review if you want to support me, thank you! đŸ˜‹

Themes: Diapers, ABDL, BDSM, Spanking, Sissy, Femdom, Chastity, Punishment. (Male and Female subs)

Diaper Camp for Naughty Adults

No text cover!

Diaper Camp for Naughty Adults


  1. ST

    I bought it and read it right away. Akumi Alice writes an excellent tale. I really like the way each chapter concentrates on one character.

    This book is about a 50/50 discipline vs fun split. While I prefer the discipline side of things, I appreciated the tender chapters too.

    I can hardly wait for the next one!

  2. Marte

    i would have liked if more of the campers got a spanking, or something with rectal insertion like plugs or enemas. but the fussy eaters bad day was awesome really spoke to me id definitely share the same fate at the camp and shudder at the thought.

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