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  1. Claudia

    Dear Alice Acumi,

    Your books are written wel. Especially the book on the Wellspring project was interesting. It remembered me to an idea of the way secretaries should be prepared for their jobs. Many girls lack a way of being raised well. They need to learn to respect their superiors. They also are not trained well enough to hold during longlasting meetings. Most junior secrestaries cannot hold their a long meeting without neediing to go to the loo. Also they lack discipline.
    Therefor I would like to introduce a private school for secretarial education. Girls will be placed at nannies who care for them outside of schools. School itself is organised like the girls are not yet adults. All girls wear uniforms, including obligatory pull ups. When administered all girls have to be seen by a female schooldoctor, being examined in presence of their nanny and the nurse assisting the doctor.
    On doctors order the girls will wear during the regular medicals a diaper instead of the regular pull up they wear during schooltimes. On doctors advice the girls will be diapered at night so they don’t have to leave the bed, as they need an unbroken nightrest. At the exam will their little girls accidents during classes be discussed with their nannies.
    Of course the girls will be subject to over the knee spankings at home for misbehaviour. Misbehavuour at school will be awarded with a note for the nanny to inform her on the need to punish her pupil when arriving home form school.
    To train the girls to hold, they are not allowed to leave the classes for visiting the loo. When not being able to hold till bresak they will have to use the pull up.
    Talking back or other misbehaviour during classes will result in oldfashion cornertime.
    Would you like to write a novell on an all girls school for secretarial education? A school with an all female staff (teachers as well as schooldoctor as headmistress etc and girls living with nannies?

    You would do me a great pleasure,


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