Progress on New Book

Having writer’s block. Thus far, it’s a sci-fi journey about an intrepid young journalist who is sent out to investigate a mysterious object in space. Spankings and infantilism follow.

Each book I write seem to take longer than the previous one. I suppose that’s just me being more self-aware of my prose, plus a closer dedication to “building up” a mystery. Looking back at my first book, it seems embarrassingly short and truncated, and several reviews on Amazon have pointed this out. I will rewrite it and flesh out more details in the future.

Side hobby: Trying to create fake “reports” of internet usage, the kind that parental monitoring software will generate after a few days of tracking what sites the child has been visiting. When I was a teen, I saw one of these at a friend’s house, and found it delightfully kinky. My friend’s little brother, whose computer was being monitored, was very careful not to visit any game sites or pornography sites, because they would definitely be recorded. It’s like behavioral bondage.


  1. Emma

    Just as some quick feedback, imgchili doesn’t seem to work, if I click anywhere on it it puts up a pop up

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