[Book] A Diaper for Every Male

New book! Sorry for the lack of updates, I’m dealing with some health issues… :(

A Diaper for Every Male is a short book that explores a future where adult males are put into diapers as treatment for an alien disease, which causes incontinence. Written from the perspective of a scientist, it details the impact this has had on society, and the new ways that males are infantilized.

This is kind of experimental writing, similar to an academic book. Focused on objects and facts, not narrative or characters.

Themes: Diapers, ABDL, Sissy, Femdom, Punishment (Male subs only)

A Diaper for Every Male

No text cover:

A Diaper for Every Male

[Book] Diaper Camp for Naughty Adults

New book! This was supposed to come out during the summer, but I got lazy ._.

Diaper Camp for Naughty Adults is about ten adult children sent to spend two months at Camp Moonraven, an experimental summer camp built on an island and run by a mysterious scientist. Strict camp rules are enforced through diaper discipline and corporal punishments, and age regression is upheld by volunteers, often relatives of campers who’ve come to watch over them, and to see diaper training in action with their own eyes.

Each chapter focuses on one boy or girl’s day, both fun days and disciplinary days! Please leave a nice review if you want to support me, thank you! 😋

Themes: Diapers, ABDL, BDSM, Spanking, Sissy, Femdom, Chastity, Punishment. (Male and Female subs)

Diaper Camp for Naughty Adults

No text cover!

Diaper Camp for Naughty Adults

[Book] Penny the Strict Adult Babysitter

It’s finally finished!

Penny the Strict Adult Babysitter is about Penny, one of the world’s first licensed adult babysitters, and her methods of handling naughty adults in her little town. Each chapter is a short story about a different boy or girl. Friends, rivals, and even family members, nobody is too old for Miss Penny’s babysitting service! Please leave a nice review if you like it!

Themes: Femdom, Spanking, Diapers, BDSM, Chastity, Sissy. (Male and Female subs)

Diapered by a Ghost

No text cover :3

Diapered by a Ghost

[Book] Diapered by a Ghost: The Haunted Punishment of Chloe and Astin

New short story I wrote for Halloween! 🎃 Please support me by buying it! 👻

Diapered by a Ghost is about two siblings, Astin and Chloe, who sneak into an old abandoned house and find themselves in the clutches of a mysterious, ghostly disciplinarian.

Helplessly trapped, they undergo a series of embarrassing punishments at the hands of the invisible entity. And much to their surprise, escaping the haunted house does not mean the end of their diaper discipline.

Diapered by a Ghost

Themes: Spanking, Caning, Discipline, Diapers, Femdom, Punishments for male and female subs.

[Book] Mommy Michelle’s Diaper Discipline Store

New book is done!

Mommy Michelle’s Diaper Discipline Store is about Rory, a cute effeminate boy who works at a diaper discipline store, and all the customers he meets. Each chapter is about a different customer (male & female), the kinky devices they buy, and how/why they are diapered. It’s also about Rory’s growing relationship with Mommy Michelle, the storeowner, and how she transforms his life.

Mommy Michelle's Diaper Discipline Store

Themes: Diapers, Discipline, Chastity, Spanking, Femdom, Sissy. Strict punishments for male and female subs.

No text version of the cover :3

Mommy Michelle's Diaper Discipline Store

New Cover for The Life of Seedlings

I made a better cover for The Life of Seedlings, my sci-fi sissy themed book. It’s not very popular unfortunately, but I still enjoyed writing it because it’s kind of unusual compared to most erotica.

Comes in two versions. The second is a paler version, which doesn’t match the character Simmias, so I darkened it a bit, but it’s hard to get the skin tone dark enough without making it look unnatural. May try again in the future. Here they are without text.

The Life of Seedlings: From Savage to Sissy

The Life of Seedlings: From Savage to Sissy

[Book] The Life of Seedlings: From Savage to Sissy

This book is a little more experimental, a shift from most of the sissy erotica on Amazon. It’s got a bit of a sci-fi theme, which I like. You can read a short preview excerpt here and here.

If you enjoy it, please leave a good review on Amazon. It helps me tremendously!

The Life of Seedlings: From Savage to Sissy

Themes: Femboy, Sissy, Crossdressing, BDSM, Femdom, Spanking, Sex (FM and MM), and a little diaper discipline.

Introduction: Follow the lives of two males as they’re taken to a world they never knew existed, a world where society is radically different from ours, and filled with new wonders and pleasures.

Raised on a dangerous jungle island, Simmias and Akanda must adapt to a new home, and a totally alien way of life. Above all, they must serve and submit to their new mistresses, and learn to act like proper, well-behaved males. Clever and kind, Simmias seeks to discover the truth about their existence, and devastating history of how they came to be. Haughty yet innocent, Akanda’s unusual traits destine him for something no other male is suited for. Encouraged by both punishment and reward, the males transcend their primitive past, and learn to fulfill their purpose in a woman’s world.

[Book] The Polar Resort: An Extraordinary Story of Christmas Age Regression

New Christmas book is done! This is the longest one I’ve done to date. It’s written in the second person to put you in the story, and takes a few hours to read.

The Polar Resort: An Extraordinary Story of Christmas Age Regression

Themes: Spanking, Diapers, Regression, Femdom with male and female subjects.

Introduction: You are the lucky winner of an all-expenses paid trip to the mysterious new Polar Resort, a high tech facility in the arctic. Designed as a tourist attraction, the resort intends to attract children from all around the world during Christmas. As an experimental adult participant, your task is to evaluate the Polar Resort through the eyes of a regressed boy, and provide feedback.

Under the watchful eyes of your assigned mother, you explore the Polar Resort, participate in a wide variety of holiday activities, and interact with other regressed boys and girls. Whatever secrets you uncover, one thing is for certain — Your time at the resort would be a Christmas experience unlike you had ever known before.

My two last Christmas books are also on sale, check them out!

[Book] Eric’s Unusual Christmas: A Holiday Ageplay Tale

Eric's Unusual Christmas: A Holiday Ageplay Tale

Faced with a lonely and depressing Christmas, Eric finds hope in a mysterious letter invitation. Guided by curiosity and desire, the young man treks across the city in search of a truly unusual holiday experience. Join Eric as he spends his most memorable Christmas at the home of Miss Penelope, the enigmatic mistress who has the power to turn his life around, whether he likes it or not!

Introduction caption:

Eric's Unusual Christmas: A Holiday Ageplay Tale

[Book] Project Wellspring: Summer School for Adult Children

Project Wellspring: Summer School for Adult Children

Summer remedial classes have always been there for boys and girls who flunked their last year of high school. But for David, Vanessa, and Victor, summer school is not just a place to make up for lost grades, but a full regression to elementary schoolchildren, by force if necessary. Underachieving children need structure, and Project Wellspring provides it in spades. The courses are given in grade school settings. The students must adhere to a dress code, etiquette, and school rules. The teachers are kind, but not hesistant to mete out punishment. With love, guidance, and caring discipline, the two-month program aims to shape delinquents into college-ready young men and women. Will it work for our three wayward youths?

Introduction caption:

This is my second book, a little fantasy I thought of when I was still in high school. Kind of regret not finishing it earlier in the summer, but oh well. It’s a bit more subtle and less graphic than the first one.

The boy in the cover is me, painted over. :D