Caning in Adult School

If you read my last book or follow me on imagefap, you know I have a thing with the whole idea of adults being sent back to school against their (our) will. It just seems to deliciously humiliating :) Here’s a scenario I imagined for adult boys in a reform academy.

Also learning how to draw. Preliminary results currently too awful to post.


  1. Having been caned regularly at school was a tradition that was set in me for the rest of my life to have repeated punishments and humiliation usually at the strict instruction of a teacher like person who insisted on some schoolwear still or the the bare. Usually receive the cane but have been given the tawse on occasion in lots of 6 of the best or more fore each misadventure. Have had as many as 42 strokes and suppose should be more but that depends on the giver. Love to communicate with others of the same mi no. Regulation at mail dot com

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