[Book] Penny the Strict Adult Babysitter

It’s finally finished!

Penny the Strict Adult Babysitter is about Penny, one of the world’s first licensed adult babysitters, and her methods of handling naughty adults in her little town. Each chapter is a short story about a different boy or girl. Friends, rivals, and even family members, nobody is too old for Miss Penny’s babysitting service! Please leave a nice review if you like it!

Themes: Femdom, Spanking, Diapers, BDSM, Chastity, Sissy. (Male and Female subs)

Diapered by a Ghost

No text cover :3

Diapered by a Ghost


  1. I have a question about your book, Penny The Strict Adult Babysitter (great read, BTW). What happens if two people both commission an Adult Babysitter on one another? A married couple after a falling out, for instance?

    • Akumi Alice

      They will be brought together for a playdate, where the babysitters will help them reconcile like two naughty kids who just had a fight, and their relationship will be reset as if they were children who just met for the first time!

      Thanks for reading my book <3

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